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Single-module house

Welcome to the Eco-Lodge, the perfect embodiment of compact, eco-friendly living.
With an open-plan kitchen, living, and dining area, a cleverly designed bathroom, and a comfortable bedroom, this module offers all the essentials of a tiny house. Whether you're looking for a cosy guest house, a unique Airbnb rental, or a glamping cabin, the Eco-Lodge has you covered.




Fixed Price:

30 600.00

Explore the Freedom of Eco-Living with The Eco-Lodge

Класичні функції

Our Eco-Lodge is a turn-key solution, meaning all interior work is completed in our factory and delivered ready for you to enjoy. The exterior boasts a beautiful façade clad with UV-protected pine planks, while the interior walls are adorned with untreated pine planks or plasterboard or laminated MDF panels for a natural and warm feel.

We install triple-glazed turn-tilt plastic windows and a matching
entrance door, both in an elegant white finish with an exterior finish in anthracite with wood grain. The flooring is a high-quality laminate with matching white skirting boards.


The bathroom features a 90 cm x 90 cm shower with a hand shower for your convenience, a hand wash basin with a base cabinet, and a wall-mounted toilet. The floor is tiled, and the walls are partially tiled to a height of 120 cm.

Electrical Features

Your comfort is our priority, so we've pre-installed light switches, sockets, and lighting units according to a well-thought-out electrical plan. We include 20 sockets with standard white covers, and you can choose the position and number per room.

Розмір, вага та звукоізоляція

The Eco-Lodge model has a clear room height of approximately 2.40 m to 2.72 m, providing a spacious feel. The model weighs approximately 8 tons, and it's suitable for noise level 3, ensuring a peaceful living environment.

Fire Protection and Heating

While we meet all minimum requirements for fire protection, please note that additional measures are not included. A heater is not part of the standard equipment, but we offer various heating systems depending on your needs.


The flat roof with a 1° inclination (is 1 degree correct?) is covered with an EPDM roofing membrane. Please note that roof drainage through rain gutters with external downpipes is not included in the classic equipment but can be purchased as an option.

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