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Construction of a frame house in Sweden

Work on this project lasted quite a long time. First, it was necessary to help the Customer choose a design that would meet his needs and wishes. Our partners, the CH-proekt company, have a large selection of high-quality modern hoese designs. It was there that our Swedish customer chose the design that was taken as a basis. Then it was necessary to adapt it somewhat to the needs of the Customer, this was already done by our architect.

When the architectural part was ready, the implementation of the project moved to a new level - the development of technical documentation. Our construction engineers perform this work very well. This particular order had a number of peculiarities. It was necessary to design the production process so that the house could be pre-assembled at the factory, disassembled, loaded into trucks, transported to Sweden and installed on the site.

Our Flat Pack technology involves factory production and quick installation of houses at the customer's site. This house consisted of the following elements: wall panels and partitions, wooden trusses of the floor and flat roof, metal supporting columns and beams, a metal staircase structure, aluminum windows and doors, and many more different separately lying materials for insulation and decoration.

After manufacturing and checking all elements at the factory, we loaded it all on 4 trucks and went to Sweden for installation. There was a lot of installation work. Even though much of the structure was pre-fabricated, there was still a lot that needed to be done on site. We assembled the "house box" itself with the help of a crane in less than 2 weeks. But such works as a flat roof, a rendered facade, insulation of the floor and roof, basic interior decoration took another month and a half. In total, installation was performed by only 4 people within 2 months.

As a result, a very stylish house appeared in the city of Västervik, Sweden on the shores of the Baltic Sea, which is completely made in Ukraine, installed by Ukrainian craftsmen and fully meets the requirements of Swedish legislation. As our customer said, this is the best house on this street.

We were all very pleased to see the scene when the locals, driving past our house, slowed down, and by the movement of their lips and the surprise of their eyes, you could clearly read a sincere WOW and then their eyes turned to our banner with the glorious Made in Ukraine inscription.

This whole story once again proves that Ukraine and Ukrainians have something to offer on world markets. We know how to be creative, responsible, persistent, reliable. The main thing is to believe in yourself. And believe in Ukraine.

We will win.

We will rebuild.

Ukraine will shine again.

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