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Single-module house

Welcome to The Stockholm, a versatile modular residential building perfect for those seeking a balance between comfort and style. This bestseller offers an optional barrier-free bathroom, a particularly light-flooded living area, and a spacious kitchenette.




Fixed Price:

40 375.00

Experience The Stockholm: A Spacious and Modern Tiny House

Classic Features

Our Stockholm model is a turn-key solution, built-in timber frame construction with a flat roof. All interior work is completed in our factory, and supply lines are pre- installed and ready to be commissioned by an appropriate specialist company. The building façade is clad with UV-protected pine planks, while the interior walls feature untreated pine planks for a rustic touch. We install triple-glazed turn-tilt plastic windows and a matching entrance door, both in white with an anthracite exterior finish for added elegance. The interior wall cladding is made of natural pine tongue and groove, enhancing the cosy, Scandinavian feel of the model.

Included in your Home

The Stockholm includes laminate flooring and white skirting boards. We also install laminated MDF interior doors, door frames, handles, and locks. The bathroom features a 90 cm x 90 cm shower with a hand shower, a hand wash basin with a base cabinet, and a wall-mounted toilet. The floor is tiled, and the walls are partially tiled for a contemporary look.

Electrical Features

We pre-install light switches, sockets, and lighting units according to a well-thought- out plan. You can freely choose the position and number of sockets and light switches per room. We also provide two outdoor lights for added security.

Size, Weight, and Soundproofing

The Stockholm model offers a clear room height of approximately 2.40 m to 2.72 m. With external dimensions of 340 cm x 1250 cm, the total area is approximately 42.5 m2, and the living space is about 35 m2. It weighs approximately 11 tons, depending on the equipment variant. The model is suitable for noise level 3, providing a peaceful living environment.

Fire Protection and Heating

While we meet all minimum requirements for fire protection, please note that additional measures are not included. A heater is not part of the classic equipment, but we offer various heating systems depending on your needs.


The flat roof with a 7° inclination is covered with galvanized sheet metal. Please note that roof drainage through rain gutters with external downpipes is not included in the classic equipment but can be purchased as an option. Installation and connection to the disposal network is the responsibility of the client. Solar systems & PV systems must be treated separately.

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