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A Luxury Escape - the Ultimate Cabin on Wheels

Experience the comfort of home wherever you roam! Available at a fixed price of
€32,000 for the off-grid option and €27,000 for the on-grid variant, this mobile
sanctuary is the epitome of convenience, luxury style, and privacy.

The Panorama Holiday Cabin

Experience the freedom of location-independent living with our Panorama holiday
cabin. With a fixed price of €34,755, including a 1000W solar system, this mobile
home offers convenience, style, and luxury in one package.

Flat-pack cabin
Flat-pack cabin

Serenity - the Ultimate Holiday Cabin

Welcome to The Serenity Holiday Cabin, a dwelling that lets you experience the
freedom of location-independent living. With no construction work required, you can place it anywhere. Priced at a fixed €38,130, inclusive of a 1000W solar system, this cabin is the epitome of style, convenience, and luxury.

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