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A Luxury Escape - the Ultimate Cabin on Wheels

Experience the comfort of home wherever you roam! Available at a fixed price of
€32,000 for the off-grid option and €27,000 for the on-grid variant, this mobile
sanctuary is the epitome of convenience, luxury style, and privacy.

Stylish Exterior

Our cabin features an exterior that's as stylish as it is durable. With its rustic charm thanks to the burned wood cladding and the twin axle road legal trailer for easy mobility, this cabin is a sight to behold. Plus, with parking jacks and detachable steps, setting up your own space is effortless.

Luxury High-End Interior

Enter into a space filled with light from large toughened glass windows, creating a bright and inviting living area. The polished and lacquered ply finish, along with sealed cork floors, exudes an air of sophistication and warmth.

Full Size Shower and Toilet

The cabin comes equipped with a full-sized shower featuring stainless steel flashing and a high-quality shower tray. A state-of-the-art composting toilet and greywater- integrated 200-litre tank ensure all your sanitation needs are met.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Prepare meals with ease in our fully-equipped kitchen, featuring a stainless steel
worktop, an under-counter fridge, a gas hob, and ample shelving for all your cooking essentials.

Sleeping Space

Sleep comfortably with a full-sized double bed for adults and a foldable single bed for
children. Let the magical sky window above your bed lull you to sleep under the

All the Convenience of Home

Our cabin is designed to meet all your utility needs. It includes a built-in 100-litre clean water tank and a 200-litre waste water tank. The ready and connected sockets, switches, lighting, and air vents ensure a comfortable living environment. The gas hob and built-in fridge make meal preparation a breeze.

Technical Specifications On- and Off-Grid

The cabin measures 2.55x6.5 m, stands 3.1 m tall, and weighs a total of 3.5 tons.
The off-grid option includes a 1000W solar system with power storage, a propane
instant water heater, and a propane air heater. The on-grid variant is equipped with a
50-litre electric boiler and electric infrared heating panels.

Our prices:

32'000 EUR

Off-Grid Price:

34'000 EUR

On-Grid Price:

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